Catalogue of Art Monuments in Poland

The team inventories monuments of Polish art (excluding museum and private collections), which provide the basis for research into art history and Polish artistic culture. The Katalog Zabytków Sztuki w Polsce (Catalogue of Art Monuments in Poland) has been published since 1951, making a systematic and comprehensive inventory of art monuments in Poland and the creation of a handy catalogue constituting a basis for further and more detailed studies. A monument is considered an object with significant artistic or historical value, created before 1945. The catalogue combines a detailed, topographical inventory and a concise catalogue; in general it takes into account all the monuments outside museums and private collections, it is rich in information, in particular illustrative materials. The descriptions take advantage of all available literature, archives, descriptions, historical information and iconography. The format and layout have been preserved for the purposes of uniformity and continuity. The series comprises volumes covering individual voivodeships and is divided into individual fascicles, each dedicated to a district or town. Since its arrangement has always reflected the national administrative divisions, the consecutive changes in that division required changes in the arrangement of the series: the so-called old series comprises 13 volumes reflecting the administrative division from before 1975, while the new series comprising 12 volumes, corresponding to the division introduced in 1975, where the former powiats are referred to as the surrounding areas of major towns (e.g. Krosno, Dukla i okolice). Each catalogue comprises a foreword, characterizing a given region and a specification of its monuments, the actual index of the monuments in topographical-alphabetical order, a bibliography, maps, illustrations, indexes, as well as a list of previously published catalogues. The preliminary principles governing the “Katalog Zabytków Sztuki w Polsce were developed in 1945 by Professor Jerzy Szablowski. Professor Jerzy Z. Łoziński was the first editor-in-chief in 1954-1996, followed by Dr. Hab. Jakub Pokora and Maria Kałamajska-Saeed, PhD from 1997-1999, and Maria Kałamajska-Saeed from 2000. Marcin Zgliński, PhD is the current editor-in-chief.

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